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Here's how: We orient to your long term direction and execute in the immediate term. We work with you to create an IT landscape, roadmap, and work on specific solutions that incrementally deliver towards your strategic intent.

Existing solution reviews, reports and rapid assessments are key to understanding where you are. Next understanding the immediate needs and future direction is foundational to solutioning. Create a target state solution architecture for projects and programs is very important. We view a solution architecture a visualization of significant decisions about the project or program. It's a high level set of views that allows for tweaks and agile tweaks along the way. We strive for a pragmatic balance.

We work with you from soup-to-nuts from an IT perspective across multiple specific areas:

Digital Divvy bridges the digital divide. Applications build for the cloud and on the cloud and much more advanced in the way they scale and evolve compared to traditional monolithic systems. We bring horizontally scalable software solutions to your local problem domain. Independent. Trusted. Delivery guide and advisor on IT Architecture Strategy, IT Architecture Current State Assessments and Strategic IT Solutions. End-to-end Cloud Web Solution Delivery.

We are a consortium of talented Software Architects, Systems Engineers and Developers that bring reusable components together rapidly on the Cloud to create cost-effective solutions quickly. How we do this is by creating a workload of software components that brings a cookie-cutter approach to solutions that deploy to the cloud. We add unique business rules and logic and User Experience to your custom Software. We enable an Agile Software Delivery team that builds reusable software assets, thrid party integrations, cloud partnerships, various accelerators. We meet with your the stakeholder and discuss the project. We can figure out the best partnership model, we can work with your team to assess the existing solution architecture and work collaboratively to outline a Target State Solution blueprint and roadmap. We can mentor and coach your execution team to execute effectively within projects. We can deliver a target state solution - Web Based and Mobile Cloud Native Software system that will scale as your user base increases.

  • Cloud Native Web and Mobile App Development
  • Architecture Assessments and Recommendations
  • System Integration Solutions
  • Microservices Architecture with Doman Driven Design
  • Machine Data Analytics Solutions
  • API-First Development for Solution Architecture

Why Digital Divvy ?

Because we believe that technology should be a level playing field for both big and small companies alike. We believe that sustainable and flexible solution architectures scale better. Because we orient to your needs first. Because we don't hesitate to cleanly work ourselves out of a job to hand you the regins and make you successful. We bring strategy, design and technology to medium to large size companies. Strategies, technologies and solutions that have been typically utilized by ultra large corporations have not been available to growing medium sized companies. We partner with your team to deliver IT Strategy, Architecture Direction and Execution guidance that best meets your long term needs.

Digital Divvy brings design experience, strategy, skills and a general “can do” positive attitude to the teams. We offer a soup-to-nuts promise to deliver. We like to play a catalyst role in programs, projects and teams to enable a partnership with you. We feel partnerships based on trust and cooperation in a hybrid team setting offers the best long term success opportunities for our clients. We bring a soup-to-nuts approach to high quality software products on the Cloud to meet your needs.

Cloud Native Architectures are the backbone of applications built for the cloud. They are shaped, architected, designed to run and leverage the cloud. We build native, hybrid and responsive apps on top of a modern architecture platform that embraces the Cloud. The data across our various user interfaces are consistent due to the API backbone and horizontally scalable no-sql cloud persistence.
We believe that an architecture assessment is a foundational investment that leads to a long term IT strategy and roadmap. The assessment is the first step towards building a target state solution and a roadmap that guides the team there. Is it worth it? A rapid 6-week architectural assessment is well worth the 'sanity check'. Typically a system that may last 6 years or more deserves an assessment. We do very rapid 'sanity checks' as well as detailed architecture asessements.
Weeks of coding can save you hours of designing. We think about creating a design before we code. Developing and collaborating with an API before the implementation. We find these practices provide the biggest bang for your buck. It is too easy to simply jump into the code - but practice tells us that it's important to start with the contracts before the implementation. A true polyglot implementation across microservice pods requires interoperability that is achieved by technology and design.
We deliver system solutions across the user interface layer in Response Web design, System Integration that utilize Enterprise Service Bus, Service Oriented Architecture and Data Integration.
Pattern detection in Machine Data Analytics is critical for businesses to make adjustments to operations as well as optimize future operations and strategy.

Our Services

Solution Re-Direction Services

Face it - you know your systems are not up to par. You are afraid the competition has a leg up on you. Where are you today, where should you be headed - how do you get there? We excel at architecture assessments of your current state solutions. Create architectures for target state applications. Do you have questions such as: Is your team heading down a path that aligns with your needs, expectatios and long term success? Does the solution have gaps that need to be addressed? What are the trade-offs and sensitivity points within the current architecture? What areas should the team invest in going forward? We conduct on-site and off-site stakeholder-oriented cross-functional team facilitated architectural review process that results in Risk Themes. We use industry standard architecutre and modeling languages. We work with your team to model, analyze, document, explain, whiteboard and brainstorm.

We can provide a rapid 3-day short-engagement and provide our independent opinion on your solution architecture across selected dimensions.

Cloud Native Software Engineering

A cloud native software architecture is code imagined, created and deployed for the cloud and on the cloud. Software design outlines early design decisions for the target outcome for a system. We believe in emergent design but also that high level guidrails are important. Very large scale architectures require multiple projects within a program to scale to meet speed to market. Enterprise applications require an architecture that meets business needs and satisfies non-functional requirements. A sound solution architecture

We can design,develop and deliver an end-to-end integrated solution. We can deploy software solutions that can run in your data center, Cloud, or Hybrid environments. We also work with the software industry professionals and crowd source development of specific software components, system modules or entire layers of the architecture (e.g. front-end) rapidly. This allows us to scale better to meet the demands of your business. Our secret is industry experience, design skills and deep architectural knowledge on how things should fit together.

Machine Data Analytics Solutions

Data sciences is a burgeoning discipline that utilized BigData technologies such as Hadoop and runs Map Reduce batch-style jobs. We delved into this technology in 2009 (very early). Our growing specialty in Real Time Machine data analytics. Advanced technolgies and architectural frameworks enable unique insight to business and operations insight on cloud scale. Additionally we deliver a rich responsive web and mobile experience over billions of events in real time. We develop custom apps on the Big Data cloud framework that meets your specific needs.

Custom Responsive Web, Native iOS and Android Mobile Application Development

How much will it cost? Please check out our Project Cost Estimator to get an idea. We offer Responsive Web development for your business and an online presence with hosting, domain registration and search engine optimization. We offer a full web design and mobile friendly technologies with CSS3, HTML5 and advanced JavaScripting. How much does it cost? It depends. Here's a good article link. We are happy to discuss with you at no cost and offer free consultation. After the free consultation you are free to take your business anywhere no obligation. We hope our goodwill and generosity will earn your business now or in the future.

System Integration Solutions

No application is an island. System integration is a must-have for Enterprise Applications today. An IT eco-system contains multiple sub-systems and each sub-system has a portfolio of applications. These applications can be either home-growth or commercial off-the-shelf. Each of these applications require data to properly operated. We develop middleware solutions, ESB solutions, and help your teams develop flexible, scalable and secure integrations.

Cloud Based Solutions


Executable strategies are key to a successful project. Here are the types of projects we excel at. We would love to partner with you and make your project a success!

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